My name is David Romero and I am a San Francisco - based human who is interested in room-scale VR, MR, AR, and interactive arts. I currently serve as a technical specialist at HTC Vive where I manage our developer community as well as the VR for Impact Initiative. I am a strong proponent of discovery-based learning and believe that XR provides an opportunity to completely reshape our interaction with technology towards being more intuitive, more impactful, and universally accessible regardless of socioeconomic factors.

     In my personal endeavor, I aim to create high-quality assets that are hardware agnostic and detailed enough to work with future rendering engines and platforms. I am currently specializing in high fidelity photogrammetric reality capture, PBR texturing, and HTC Vive development via Unreal Engine.  I am also passionate about interactive projection mapping and fulldome projection mapping (planetariums).

     I am a strong advocate of volunteerism and community. I have contributed over 1400 hours of volunteer time to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science since 2010 where I aid in the maintenance and operation of Gates Planetarium. I am helping DMNS establish an artifact digitization program as well as their AR and VR initiatives. I am also currently collaborating with the National Parks Service and the Bureau  of Land Management to create their first high quality photogrammetric VR experience which allows the pubic to tour locations that are normally off limits. I have recently served as the Digital Projects Assistant at the Denver Botanic Gardens where I worked on interactive exhibit items and large-scale public art.